August 26, 2010

measuring up

I have an interview with the District Manager tomorrow for a promotion. Spectacular communicators that they are, my supervisors only told me about it, in a rather offhand way, this afternoon. Which either indicates that it is going to be really easy, or that they are all just completely unorganized. Either way, I do not feel in the least prepared.

Insomnia is killing me. I ache everywhere. My short-term memory is shot.
Sleep. Will. Not. Come.

And I am only days away from the anniversary of my son's death. God. How awful it looks in print! Worse still, spoken aloud. The words hit the floor in a crowded room, heavy and volatile as land mines. The anniversary of my son's death. No one should have to string those words together in the same sentence. Ghastly.

In short, I am afraid that in my current state, I will botch the interview and be totally humiliated. Although, to be fair, I fear that even when I am at my best... So perhaps I will muddle through after all?

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