Hi.  My name is Vera Kate.  In the course of my life I have been abused, neglected, molested, assaulted, abandoned, raped and cheated on, and I have lost my first two babies in miscarriage.  I have had to move more than twenty times since leaving my parent's house when I was barely 18 years old. I have had my share of stress, tears, violence, and heartache.  More than my share.  And for my efforts to survive those who harmed me, I have often been called selfish, stuck-up, and destructive. 

But I have also been called brave.  I have been called intrepid.  I have been called a pioneer.

I escaped my family of origin and the legacy that they tried to lay upon me.  I will not repeat the patterns.  I will not look the other way when I see actions that are deeply wrong.  I will not pretend that it doesn't matter what happened to me.  I will not intentionally inflict pain upon others. 

I will build a new family, a new life, a new legacy, a new dream.


Welcome to my blog.  Here I am myself, no holds barred.  If you've come on a good day, know that my humor and my growing love of life are genuine, but are tempered, also, by pain.  And if you've come on a bad day, know that my pain is being eased by the telling, and I will smile again soon. 

I appreciate your comments -- so long as they are kind. 


  1. This made me cry. It echoed so deeply within the halls of my heart and mind, I can still hear the words ringing. Thank you, VK.

  2. You are amazing!! I love the depth and honesty in your words, and I'm sorry for all that which has caused you pain.
    Thank you for sharing, I'm listening.