February 6, 2015

happy birthday, gorgeous boy

To think, the wrinkly red bundle who couldn't even hold his own head up and was always poking himself in the eye can now stand up and run around the house, grinning like crazy and waving his arms in the air. I'm not often sentimental, but that gets me. I am really tired but having a great time being his mama. He is smart and funny and charming, and I love watching him grow and change.

Favorite Foods
-frozen gogurts
-frozen raspberries
-organic cheese doodles
-peach/pineapple/orange cups

Favorite Activities
-listening to music/dancing/twerking
-going for walks/hikes with mama and daddy
-staring at/stalking bigger kids at the park
-reading books
-stealing cell phones

Favorite Places
-Lake Elizabeth
-grandma's house
-anywhere with french fries
-anywhere with lots of people to stare at