June 13, 2014

a new life begins

Nothing is simple when you love someone this much. Nothing is neat when you’re this needed. Life doesn’t stop because you’ve given birth. A new life begins and you own it and make it yours.

Jill Scott

June 9, 2014

ghetto fabulous

Today I am really wishing we lived in a family friendly neighborhood, preferably in a nice little house. It would be so nice to put Hunter in his stroller and just go for a walk right outside our front door, instead of schlepping everything to the car and driving at least 10-30 minutes to get anywhere decent. I used to think I didn't care if I ever owned a house, but having a baby has finally changed my mind. Maybe some day.

June 4, 2014

finally, yay!

After 4 weeks of trying... Hunter is finally taking a bottle from Phil! I want to dance and sing but that might distract him so I am just saying, "Good job, you guys! Yay! Great job."

Under my breath.
From the safety of the kitchen.

I'm so relieved! Add this to the list of Things You Never Knew You Could Be Excited About.

June 3, 2014

the color run

On Saturday I ran my first 5k since giving birth. Alannah signed us up for The Color Run back in March as my birthday present, and it's been a great motivation to get out and get moving even when I didn't feel like it. This race was similar to the one we usually do, but put on by a different group. My goal was 45 minutes and we actually finished in 40, which even included a few walking stints to favor my still-loose knees, so I was pleasantly surprised. And I wasn't even sore the next day! Go body, go! You are amazing!