August 30, 2010

cut, stitched, bound

This is Noah's quilt, which is so very close to being done. It's definitely been a labor of love, and I wanted to show it to you.

I started last year, but had to stop and put it away several times. When I got it back out a few weeks ago, at first I could hardly bear to look at it.

I had been so very sad and desperate when I'd worked on it before, and all of those emotions came rushing back at the sight.

But that wore off, thankfully, and I love it again. Now I'm trying diligently to finish it before the 31st. Just a few more finishing stitches to go!

I only wish I could say the same for my heart.


  1. Beautiful. So beautiful. You know, I've had two miscarriages. And the way you love your babies just means so much to me and my own losses. Thanks AGAIN... can I say it one more time? for living your Journey so candidly.


  2. Oh, ang! I didn't know. I'm sorry, and thank you, and you're more than welcome.

  3. The quilt is just beautiful.... thinking of you and your little Noah today and always. Hugs to you both.

  4. it's ok. I welcome observing someone's life and Journey like yours, where grieving is such a gift. I don't even think I've had a chance to grieve over the years with so much going on. It's there. Deep, deep, deep under so many things. And, I will arrive at the shores of that pain one day too. Surely, if I embrace all there is to grieve too quickly, I shall perish. You know? Again, though, the quilt is phenominal. As is Ailis's. <3

  5. That is such a beautiful gift for your son.

  6. That is so so beautiful. You are very talented. One thing I can't do is sew ;)