August 5, 2010


  1. I have been reading...and neglecting on commenting. I have so much going on in my journey right now, that i have a lack of words for others. but, i just wanted you to know i am reading, hoping, wishing, and believing in you and your journey. It's so beautiful, VK. That burning love you have for your children is truly an inspiration to my heart.

    People like you remind me to keep pushing forward, to keep choosing healing, and to understand that truly, it will look up soon.

    Thank you.

    You're so lovely.

    ang et al

  2. That's all right, ang. Sometimes you have to turn all your energy inward for awhile, like a tree in the winter, with no outward signs of life, just to keep your own heart warm. Thanks for giving me some of your words today; I always appreciate them.

    Keep walking, my friend -- the only way out is through.

  3. Thank you. That's a wonderful parallel, and it went in my journal.