January 25, 2011

tres chic

I got an award! For being stylish! Ooh la la.

I was chosen for this award by Jessica of Too Beautiful for Earth. Thanks, Jess! (You should all go see her, by the way. She's so very nice.)


Now, as per my instructions, here are some random things about me:

1. This is secret, ok? Well it won't be anymore, I guess, but whatever. When anyone near me sneezes, I say "bisou!" intead of "bless you" and then giggle to myself, because I just exclaimed 'kiss' in French, and they say "thank you" because they have no idea that I am a nerd and get a silly kick out of homophones. And for some reason I just think that's a great little inside joke -- every time.

2. I rearrange my furniture about every three months. Except I've been in my current room for only 7 months, and I'm on my third arrangement already. This way is my favorite so far. Maybe I'll show you some photos... Do you want to see photos? (Leave a comment, please.)

3. When I was growing up, we never had nice linens, so ever since I've been on my own that is one thing that's really important to me. I love pretty sheets and towels and blankets! I have to be careful not go overboard when I'm shopping for them.

4. Speaking of shopping... Omg. I love shopping. Shopping is my favourite.

5. Spelling words with an unnecessary 'u' is also my favourite.
(Harbour! Colour! Catalogue! FAVOURITE!)

6. I like most veggies, but I hate green beans -- because they are gross!!
Ugh, green beans... *shudder*

7. Since I began working at age 15, I have been: a childcare worker, a fitting room attendant, a nanny, a sales associate, an archives assistant, a preschool teacher, an office manager, a housecleaner (homes), a housekeeper (hotel), a newspaper delivery person, an administrative assistant, a childcare supervisor, a professional photographer, a museum rep, an office administrator, a personal assistant, and a customer service supervisor. Also possibly maybe a few other things I can't remember right now. And sometimes I did two or more of those things at the same time. (Whew! Not sure how I managed that, actually, but I know that I did.)


So, those were my seven random facts about me, and now I would like to pay it forward by highlighting a few of the 'Stylish' ladies recently added to my blogroll. They rock! THXTHXTHX, Smile and Wave, Enjoying the Small Things, Made by Rae, One Charming Party, and -- last but not least -- A Field Journal