October 3, 2010

two & three

Day 2 - a movie that helped you get through the hard times

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is one of my favorite movies of all time. It is funny and moving and all set within a period of 24 hours and it is absolutely delicious. You should watch it. Really. As soon as possible.

Another fave is Stardust. (Though this trailer doesn't do it justice, I'm afraid.) The story is as gorgeous and humorous and real as a story can be, and I love it. I also recommend the book, by Neil Gaiman.

Day 3 - a television program that moves you

Glee is the one show on television that completely transports me. I enjoy The Office, Project Runway, and 30 Rock as well... But only for that one hour on Tuesday nights am I totally unaware of any of my problems or pain. I sit on the couch with a big silly smile on my face the whole time.

One reason is because it is delightful. It is ridiculous and melodramatic and crammed with song and dance numbers, and is over-the-top in a way that reminds me of theater productions, which I have always enjoyed so much. Another reason it has such an effect on me is that it was first introduced to me by my darling Pamela, who is awesome. She had come from Australia to visit for a couple of weeks, shortly after I lost Noah. She was so gentle with me, and somehow knew just the right balance of when to listen and when to distract. One of the very few things she insisted upon was that we make sure to watch this new show that was going to be on TV, because it was going to be soooo funny. And she was right. (Of course.) Watching that premiere with her was the first time I had genuinely laughed at anything for several dark and dreary weeks.

Thanks, Pammy! I still think of you every time it's on.


  1. GLEE ROOOOCCCCKKKKSSS! I'm a gleek I LOVE it! The Britany Spears episode was great! I love all those other shows too - Project Runway is crazy dramatic this year :) Also I <3 Stardust too :)