October 5, 2010


Day 5 - your favorite quote since your loss

But love is born in life, and death cannot end it. --Mette Ivie Harrison.
For love is as strong as death. --Song of Solomon 8:6.

One or both of these quotes will probably be incorporated into my next tattoo (sans references). Only since losing my children have they stuck in my mind so fiercely. I need to believe that they can feel my love in some way, even now; that love really is as strong as death. Not stronger, I know. No matter how I love them, I cannot change what has happened. But as strong. And death is very, very strong. Death cannot be undone -- but then, neither can my love.

I also really like this quote, which I wrote in Noah's baby book:


  1. Both beautiful. I also hope that love is stronger than death. Sometimes I feel absolutely certain that it has to be.

  2. Wonderful quotes. Putting one into a tattoo is a fabulous idea <3

  3. I think when you love someone so much that you would die for them, it proves that love is as strong as death.