October 11, 2010

bereaved, bereft, deprived

Main Entry: bereave
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: deprive
Synonyms: dispossess, divest, leave, oust, rob, sadden, strip

Main Entry: bereft
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: lacking; missing
Synonyms: beggared, bereaved, cut off, deprived, destitute, devoid, dispossessed, divested, fleeced, impoverished, left without, minus, naked, parted from, robbed, shorn, stripped, wanting, without
Antonyms: full, happy

Main Entry: deprive
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: keep or take away something wanted, needed
Synonyms: bankrupt, bare, bereave, denude, despoil, disinherit, dismantle, dispossess, disrobe, divest, dock, expropriate, hold back, lose, oust, rob, seize, skim, stiff, strip, wrest

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