October 17, 2010


Day 17 - an art piece (drawing, sculpture, painting, etc) that moves you

This is a detail, called Mother and Child, from the much larger painting The Three Ages of Woman, by Gustav Klimt. Klimt has been my favorite painter since college, and this particular painting has always struck a chord with me. Even moreso now, when my dreams of motherhood seem so far out of reach.

What I wouldn't give, for a moment like this one.

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  1. Beautiful! I know what you mean - I commented on my facebook how I am sick and was only awake 7 hours yesterday and my friend said "Funny I have only slept 7 hours all weekend" and I told her well I would take less sleep, changing diapers, and baby throw up if I got to have a baby! I pray for all of that every day! Sad that what some complain about we all long for :(