April 2, 2011

equal to the task

I can take care of me. I can wait for the right opportunities to open up. I can fill my own life with good things that make me feel happy and fulfilled. I can challenge my brains, and find outlets for my creativity... (I needn't languish.) I can do all of these things. There is time.

I've got plenty of time.


  1. I used to believe I wouldn't live past 25 (maybe 30, max). That mentality creeps back in from time to time, and I think I won't ever be able to do the things I want to do, and then I feel panicky or just plain sad. I have to remind myself that, in all likelihood, I have more than 3 years left... and just because something didn't work out this time, doesn't necessarily mean that it never will.

    There is time, there is time, there is time.

  2. Can't find the words to say what I want to say. So just saying hello and nodding my head. There is time and yes, you can.