September 9, 2010

a toast

Here's to the ignorant, obnoxious, complacent mothers, whose pregnancies go completely according to plan. May you never have the slightest idea what the hell I am talking about.

And here's to the rest of us. The wounded ones. Our online community like a Vet Hall filled with amputees; we sit in untidy circles, telling our traumatic stories over and over, wishing every time that they weren't ours to tell. But my dears, you tell them beautifully, truly. You tell those awful stories so very well.


My drink is gone, now. I guess it's time for bed.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes I want to shake insensitive women who are pregnant or have new babies, who just don't get it! But that feeling passes because what I really want is for no one to know how it feels when their baby dies.

    I love your toasts.