September 19, 2010

fall fashion

I have to admit, my very favorite thing about fall has always been the clothes. I love boots and sweaters, scarves, tights. I love the richer colors and textures. In the summer months I am happy to be warm -- but too sweaty to feel very chic -- and in the winter I am grumpy and too cold. In the fall, however, I can layer up and feel put together and amazing every day. Yay, fall!

PS: Jill, please ship me my dresses and boots! I neeeeed them... Else I will go and buy more, which is bad.

Photos via Anthropologie and weheartit

1 comment:

  1. I'm in LOVE with fall fashion as well...sometimes, I choose to freeze in the winter so I can look fall-chic. Or, in the summer I get extra excited with scarves and then end up carrying them around. LOL, today, it was 95 here in Indiana, and I wore a summer outfit and added a fall-color scarf to remind myself it was Sept. :)