September 15, 2010

a gift for you

Hello lovelies. In honor of my own kids, I decided to make some presents for you and yours. (Actually, it's pretty much an Ailis idea. Noah wouldn't really be interested.) I spent some time over the last couple of days to make them and take the photos, and I hope you like the result. Go to the album, and find your photo. Click to view; right-click to "save picture as" on your computer. Cheers!

If you are a BLM, and read my blog but are not one of my followers, please let me know and I will make one for you also if you like!
--vera kate


  1. So beautiful. Thank you vera kate. xo

  2. Beautiful. Thank you for your sweet gift.

  3. These are SOOO Beautiful! :D I really love them, thank you SO SO much!!


  4. I'm finally just catching up on some posts...what a beautiful way to remember our babies' names. thank you!