June 18, 2012

pointy, sharp

I think everyone has their pointy bits, but I think every so often we come across people soft bits first, and that's why we like them, and that's how they become our friends or lovers. Their pointy bits don't touch us except for maybe once in a great while, and then never on purpose, so we forgive them easily. And other people come at you pointy bits first, or they are just all over pointy, and you don't ever want to interact with those people again, and they are definitely NOT your friends... Unless you're really messed up and you only know how to be stabbed and jabbed, or think you deserve to be stabbed and jabbed, in which case you have an entirely different set of problems.


  1. Hmm I think you might be on to something here. For instance, my husband. Lured me in with soft bits. Then developed nasty pointy, sharp bits and now I'm not sure quite what to do with him most of the time.

    Hope that nobody is stabbing and jabbing YOU!

  2. "other people come at you pointy bits first, or they are just all over pointy"


    In Missouri, Too!


  3. Sometimes people come at you with pointy bits because they're afraid of showing you their soft bits and getting stabbed there. Sometimes jabbing, and pointy first is way softer underneath....but sometimes it takes too long to find the soft bits. I hope you're okay, my sweet.

    1. Too true.
      I'm fine, just something I was pondering. x