June 27, 2012


Well, it's over.

If he was an asshole this would be so much easier. But he's not. He's pretty great. And we were pretty great together. And oh, I hate this! I hate this, I hate this. And I am sad. And angry. And frustrated. And disappointed, and weary, and confused.

Fortunately, however, all you have to do to win at life is get up more times than you fall down.

So. Here we go.



  1. Oh no. Oh love. I'm sorry to read this. As you say, it would have been easier if he weren't great.

    Keep on getting up my dear.

  2. I hate this. I hate this for you, Vera Kate. I really do.

    From the beginning, it was obvious that S *was* pretty great, and that you were pretty great together. It was obvious in how you wrote of him, how he made you feel.

    I just hate it.

    No wonder you are sad. Angry. Frustrated. Disappointed. Weary. Confused.

    “I know what my heart is like
    Since your love died:
    It is like a hollow ledge
    Holding a little pool
    Left there by the tide,
    A little tepid pool,
    Drying inward from the edge.”

    {Edna St. Vincent Millay}