March 23, 2011

there and back again

My sister came down to stay with me for a few days, like I told you she would -- but then I surprised everyone by accompanying her back to WA for a week, where I visited some of my family, caught up with two of my completely amazing friends, finally got to meet one sweet baby girl... and took scandalously few photographs. (It didn't even occur to me until I was on my way home that despite the fact that I spent time with 11 different people, there are no pictures of me with anyone except for the baby.)

We did all the same mundane things we've done before, and will do again; and it was marvelous. I was there, and I was with -- and I was content. I guess the writing of updates and taking of photos just seemed superfluous.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you were present! How wonderful. Congrats, and so glad you had a good time. :)