March 7, 2011


Really reaching the end of my rope with Customer Service, I think. The last week or so it has been harder than ever before to bite my tongue and be polite to the awful/rude/belligerant/obtuse customers who try to rip me off every day. I was abused by other people for most of my life, but for over a year I have not been a part of any abusive relationships... So it comes as much more of a shock now when people treat me badly, and I am getting angry. REALLY angry. Too angry to be continuously serving customers; I fear I am going to become something of a liabilty if I don't get out very soon.

Today, a horrible woman gave me a very bad time, then gave the assistant manager a bad time, then gave the manager a bad time, carrying on in a loud voice and insulting us and the store and saying she didn't have time for this (um, SHE didn't have time for this?!) and basically trying to get us to do what she wanted. We each said/recited the exact same thing (in effect: "no") and finally she stormed out... But then, just before she got in her car, she walked halfway back, and flung the banged-up shoes she had been trying to return at the store windows!!

Bitch, please.

Thankfully she was a pathetic shot, and the shoes landed miserably short, but still. Such infantile behavior. I'm telling you, it was all I could do not to cut her to bits (verbally, of course) while she was standing there insulting me.


So. Hope hope hoping that I will get that wonderful phonecall, be able to give my notice, and finally see the light at the end of this tunnel. Once I quit, my dream is to never have to work in retail again. It's just not the thing for me.


  1. Girl people SUCK! "Bitch please!" I love that! LOL I worked in collections for 4 months and it was AWFUL! People can be so horrible! I hope you can get out of there hun! (((hugs)))

  2. I lasted exactly one month in retail, and it was only a hardware store. I found fast food to be much, much easier. I hope you get something better soon. In the meantime, invest in voodoo dolls.

  3. "Bitch, please." HahHAHAH!Oh man. Cut her apart with your words only. hmm. lol So sorry for your pain, but your angst makes me proud. lol!

  4. *sigh* I hated retail...and unfortunately nursing is a service industry as well. I still deal with people but on a different level. I now have people being rude and nasty to me because I don't bring them water fast enough when the patient in the next room is having a heart attack. Or when they come in for some stupid thing they could have seen their doctor about but chose to come to the ER because they didn't feel like making an appointment. Then when we don't "serve" them fast enough they get pissed. Nevermind that there are people here that are actually very sick and some even dying. No, they should be FIRST. Its disgusting and frustrating. But at least I do get to help some of them and that helps to make up for the ones who treat me like crap. Hope you get that phone call soon! :)