November 7, 2010


All right, my dears, it's time! Thank you all for your entries, I enjoyed reading them so very much.

Short story goes to:
Comment #4 -- Alana of Life After Benjamin. (Your sentence was glorious, by the way.)

Lap quilt goes to:
Comment #13 -- Rhiannon of For the Love of Harper.

I still wish I could make gifts for each and every one of you. Your support and comments really mean a lot to me. Thanks for reading! <3 Vera

*Winners, please see comments for further instructions on claiming your prize.


  1. Hello ladies! I can't wait to get started on your presents. I will do my best to have them completed before Christmas.

    Alana: I have your email already, so I will be in touch with you about your story.

    Rhiannon: Please leave a comment or email me at to let me know your preferred color scheme/style and whether you would like your quilt to say "Harper" or something else.

    I will collect your shipping info later on. Cheers! --vk

  2. Oh yay!!!!!! You just made my night. Woohoooo!!!!