November 10, 2010

pardon me...

Haha! I enjoy this picture so much.

But seriously, can you help me out? I am trying to decide what to submit to this year's Creme de la Creme. And it's not that I am overcome by my own awesomeness or anything, but that I am not sure which post best captures the essence of my blog. So, if you feel so inclined, you might let me know of a favorite post you read here in 2010. Thanks! XO -- Vera


  1. PS: Here are a few that I consider to be some of my more articulate moments, personally.
    - comfortable
    - for Angela (Little Bird)
    - digressions
    - inexpressible
    - co-sleeping

  2. I read every one and they were all FABULOUS! However, I would say without a doubt that "digressions" should be your entry! Articulate and beautifully written. It was surely my favorite :) You are a beautiful writer and woman!! <3

  3. UGH. I went through your blog and found like 15...AND THEN ACCIDENTALLY HIT THE BACKSPACE BAR!!!! ugh. give me a few days and I can respond again. :)

  4. Vera Kate, these are all absolutely beautiful posts! My favorite is "inexpressible".

  5. I could spend all night going through your blog but instead, I'm going to say simply that of those listed above, you could submit any one of them and people would fall in love with you, your writing, your story. My personal favorite at this exact moment is co-sleeping. Ask me again tomorrow. ;)