October 15, 2014

things my son wants to eat

1. Whatever mommy is eating: Like, literally, no no no mama I want that take it out of your mouth and give it to me oh here let me help you I will just take it out myself.

2. Whatever mommy is eating, but placed directly into his hand or on his tray or in his own bowl or on his spoon. Please do NOT get the desired placement incorrect.

3. Floor food: Snacks that were previously rejected from the lofty position of the high chair but now seem appetizing again on the floor. It's all about perspective, apparently.

4. Electronics

5. Books

6. Whatever daddy is eating

7. Breastmilk

8. Baby approved snacks, one flavor at a time in order of preference: All the yogurt drops, then all the goldfish, then all the peaches, etc. Depending on level of hunger, less desired items may be dropped/flung to the floor. (For later reconsideration, if I am not fast enough, as mentioned above.)

9. Imported European baby formula that takes 2-5 weeks to get here and so sometimes has to be supplemented with domestic formula that makes him wonder if we really love him at all and what kind of life is this?

10. Lovingly crafted organic fruit and vegetable purees


  1. Oh yes. I recognise this hierarchy of food preferences! Baby approved snacks are rejected with vehemence seldom seen unless it is rejection of own HOME COOOKED purees! Sigh. Alice is being raised mainly on floor food :)

    1. Lol! That makes me feel better, thank you. <3