October 22, 2012

never have I ever

He has said it to my back, in passing, or maybe into my hair. Quietly, experimentally; softly enough as to be easily missed. And I have missed it, intentionally, a few times before. But this morning when he said it, standing there in the bathroom, half shaven, kissing me goodbye, he was so sincere and adorable and I felt so happy my fears weren't big enough to stop me anymore. I grabbed his face with both hands and looked him straight in the eye and I said it too. The first time I've said it to him or to anyone: I love you.

And oh, I do.


  1. Oh, I like this

    sincere, quiet, soft-spoken, adorable

    kind to Vera Kate

    and the pictures - too - say you are happy.

    Good, good, good for both of you.

    xoxo CiM

  2. I am just so proud of you, your journey, your growth. This makes me so damn happy. <3

    Journal of Healing