July 6, 2012

speaking of

I went out for the first time again on Tuesday night and I was so, so nervous but I had a really fun time. It was an excellent reminder of what I already knew: that there are plenty of other great people in the world, worth meeting. And I can do this. I can do this as many times as I need to. I am smart and funny and nice, and always improving, and brave and strong. I am worth somebody's time and effort, and I can find somebody who is worth mine.


  1. You are. And I hope that you can find somebody who is worth your time and effort. You're a very special woman. Truly.
    Glad you had a good time on Tuesday night. Here's to excellent reminders!

    1. Thank you very much. I have 4 more first dates lined up before the end of the month. Eep! I'll be pep-talking myself to no end.

  2. They are lucky first-daters!

    You are brave - and it will (I hope!) be fun.

    xo CiM