April 30, 2012

Everybody else is pregnant. Again.



  1. I'm sorry vera kate. I'm still bizarrely and bitterly jealous of pregnancy despite having little right to be.

    1. I love your honesty. Feelings are feelings, bizarre or not.

      I don't feel angry really, or even jealous. More like unpleasantly surprised: More babies coming? Babies everywhere, and none of them mine? How did that happen?

      PS: Does anyone call you Cat? In my head, I call you Cat. I hope you don't mind.

    2. Thank you for accepting my honesty. I hesitated over that comment but then I pressed 'publish' anyway.

      I don't feel angry but, sad to say, I do feel jealous. Horrible as that is to admit.

      My dear, I do hope that yours will come. Your babies. Truly. Because you are a lovely, lovely mother to Ailis and Noah.

      I respond to any Catherine variant - Catherine, Cath, Cathy (although now that reminds me of the lovely Cathy in Missouri more than myself!), Cate, Catie, Cat. You are more than welcome to call me Cat!

      Having written this I now realise that you are a Kate? Katherine? Or Vera? Or someone who prefers anonymity and has another name altogether? Catherine/Cathy/Cath/Cat is actually my real, honest-to-goodness name btw, not that it matters much. I always address you as 'vera kate' in my head, hope that YOU don't mind x

    3. My name used to be something else but now it is Vera Kate and I think it is the realest name I've ever had. But you, Cat, could probably call me... I don't know... Ermengarde, or something, and I would still answer.

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    1. Thanks. Hugs to you too, wherever you are.

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    1. That sucks, Valerie. Doesn't it just suck? Even if it's only three people you hear about, if you hear about them all in the same week it seems like EVERYONE. Ugh.

      Hugs to you too, friend.

    2. On blogs and in real life, and its more difficult to see pregnant people than babies right now.
      Hugs to you.