January 18, 2012


I want to scoop up your words and put them in my pockets,
run them between my fingers in idle moments
sprinkle them around me, my magic circle
my trail of crumbs back home. I come
greedily, silently and often
a thief in the night
and I take take take, and your words
shine a light or
blow things to bits or
make space inside of me that was not there before. It is
foolishness, really
to leave such treasures lying about, where anyone can see.

But I love your foolishness; the generosity
the kindness, the courage of it.

Catherine! Jess! Kate! This one's for you. Because I think you are magnificent, and because your writing makes my life better. I pretty much fail at commenting, but I really do love you.


  1. Holy Smokes, Vera Kate!

    If this is failing at commenting, you should do it a lot more often!

    I hope you will...

    "I come
    greedily, silently and often..."

    And I, greedily, not silently enough, and often. :)

    Cathy in Missouri

    P.S. Imagine my joy, concerned that your link in the comments on After Iris might be spam - and instead! This!

    1. You are very kind, thank you. Right after I published the link I too was concerned that it looked like spam... oh well! Just trying to spread the love :)

  2. Thank you. It's a beautiful gift x

  3. Oh Vera Kate. Now you've made me cry. If I could have put it so beautifully, I would have written about how I do the same with your words. You always manage to say in tens or hundreds of words that which would take me thousands at least. And that seems to make your words denser somehow, more well chosen, than my own. They have a sparse, crystalline beauty.
    Some of Jess' and Kate's writing seems to have been absorbed into my blood stream, images and ideas that will still be with me when I am a little bent over old lady. If I am lucky enough to become her, that Catherine W of the future. Roaming creakily around with Jess, Kate and Vera Kate still in my head.
    Thank you so much for this, it means a great deal coming from you, a writer I admire and a fellow reader who has led me to many a good book! Love C xo

  4. I just want to hug you and fawn over your children and listen to you talk all day long. And if I ever get the chance you can bet I'll take it.