December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh, Vera Kate!

    They are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    Such eyes! And hair! And SWEETNESS.

    Oh, my. Your picture is a sight to cheer the heart on a cheerless morning. Bless you.

    They couldn't be any more lovely.

    xoxo CiM

  2. Any time you want to put new pictures here...just seeing their sweet little faces makes my day.

    I love *this* picture! And I would love to see them as they grow. Do you have Instagram or other place where you post things? If you would be willing to share. :) An email is fine to let me know, if that works better.

    No hurry! I know you are busy!! :)

    Love and love,


  3. Well would you just LOOK at those glorious children! They are so sweet, what lovely expressive little face. And how did they grow so quickly? I'm so glad I decided to revisit some of my old blogging places this evening.