November 12, 2015


Sometimes being a mom of two kids under two years old means you eat a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast because the morning is almost gone already and it's the only thing within reach and you can eat it with one hand which is good because the baby wakes up as soon as you try to put her down no matter how soundly she seems to be sleeping, tiny trickster, and sometimes you drop a piece of your cookie breakfast on the floor, and almost feel like crying (just a little, just on the inside) because it was a really delicious cookie breakfast, but you can't possibly pick it up right now because you're too, too tired, so sometimes you look the other way, just this once, when your toddler picks it up and eats it
-- even though you spend a good portion of every day telling him not to eat things he finds on the floor -- because like I said, it was a really delicious, and it seems a shame to waste it.

1 comment:

  1. Hunter has the right idea. How much more you can get away with when Mom's holding the baby and can't easily get up! And he is too smart to let the moment pass. :)

    xo CiM