March 21, 2013

things we do

I am all about a steady, quiet day-to-day routine punctuated regularly by large-scale adventure, and my boyfriend is all about constant small-scale activities and staying fairly close to home. He is also very careful to agree to almost everything while never actually committing to anything. (He should be a diplomat, I swear.) However, one night a few weeks ago we were driving past the airport when he picked up on my wistfulness and accidentally made me an unsolicited promise that we could go on an adventure during his upcoming Spring Break! I made him shake on it the moment the words were out of his mouth.

And so. Finally. After much deliberation...

Two tickets to Las Vegas: booked.

I'm so excited!! To me this is a safe and familiar adventure, but I know it's a stretch for him, and I feel very loved.


  1. Hip, hip hooray!

    Fun on the horizon
    and even better than that
    fun with the one who loves you
    which is the very best kind of all.

    xoxo CiM