February 18, 2013

The Forest of Nisene Marks (day trip)

The last one is my favorite. I love that face so much.


  1. Hey beautiful lady.

    Hope you and P had a lovely time x

  2. The Forest of Nisene Marks...what a name, what faces, what places, what light.

    Welcome to your new home (I am late in saying)

    and ever so glad to see the joy

    in both of you


    xoxo CiM

  3. Eva Mozes Kor brought you to mind this week. Do you know her?

    As I and almost a thousand others listened, breathless, Eva spoke of what she survived and the person she has come to be, in spite.

    I thought of you
    what you have survived
    the person you have come to be
    and how remarkable it is
    that the spirit

    even in Hell.

    She never quit and neither have you,

    xoxo CiM