September 20, 2012

out of sorts

Feeling very emotional the last few days, for no discernible reason.


  1. Have you tracked it down?

    The why?

    Sometimes it takes me a long time

    but it's always there



    1. I was thinking a lot this morning and I think what it comes down to finally is me worrying that I care more about P than he cares about me. Which is silly. God from the outside it might even look like the opposite, I really couldn't say. There is absolutely NO evidence to support my fear. He is ridiculously sweet and attentive, I seriously couldn't ask for more. There is only my past experience(s) of being burned and of course abandonment issues and all that other fun baggage that I will be unpacking for years and years.

      Three months is such a pivotal time and apparently I am very antsy about its approach. I try my best not to let the crazy show; at least until I figure out the particular brand of crazy that we're dealing with. Then we can talk about it. Once I'm on top of the crazy, instead of underneath. Which I think I am again.