August 1, 2012

inner turmoil

Nothing sheds light on what's broken inside of me like a new relationship.



  1. Replace 'new' with 'current' and . . . I hear you.

    Ugh indeed. Sometimes I think that I'm just not cut out for this business, of being a human. Or of attempting to interact with another human. Sigh.

    But, bear in mind, that what you consider broken-ness might not look like that to other people. It could look like strength or beauty or compassion or wisdom. See now I'm back to those pictures that look like two difference faces depending on which way around you look at them, from my comment a few posts back.

    Or even if some parts are broken? They will be cast into the shade by what is not, by what is whole and strong. Because I think that there is a great deal of that inside you too? If I may be so bold?

  2. Good grief, yes...second everything Catherine W said - and second, and second.

    (Sometimes all I do is trail around behind other people, noting their way with words and swimming like a grateful little turtle, behindhand.)

    "They will be cast into the shade by what is not,"