March 7, 2012

right this second

I overheard somebody say once that however you feel right this second, there is at least one other person in the world who feels the EXACT same way. When you're sad, someone else is exactly the same amount of sad as you. When you feel super happy, someone else is just as happy as you. When you're confused, or frightened, or indignant, or surprised... You are never the only one.

I find this wonderful.


  1. What do you feel right this second, Vera Kate?

    Cathy in Missouri

  2. That I have a tummy ache and entirely too much to do and I can't wait to go home, and shut the door on all this rain, and curl up with a blanket and a fat mug of hot apple cider and an episode of Downton Abbey. :) You?

  3. Thirsting for eternity, no holds barred.

    Happy Birthday to you - I think it was? :)


  4. 28...

    And 14 years on, I marvel at your 28-year-old-soul-full-ness.

    I was a very stupid 28.

    How did you get so extravagantly, luminously, deeply old by 28?

    By walking through Hell, I'm afraid.

    But it has not made you ugly in the least. Quite the opposite.

    Instead, young and beautiful and old and meaningful.