February 18, 2012

role model

We have a consultant at the office for a few weeks.

I was very nervous to meet her, but now I am so grateful that I have. She is such an inspiration to me, not just in her line of work but as a person as well. And I feel that I owe a whole new debt of gratitude to my Aunt, who brought this person into my life, for my good.

When I was a kid, and a young adult, I could never answer the question, "Who is your biggest role model?" I didn't have one. There were a few people in the world that I loved and even admired, but I couldn't say I wanted my life to look like theirs. I couldn't say I wanted to make the same decisions they had made. Long ago I had simply set out blindly, in a direction I could only hope was right.

But now! What a lovely surprise, to find someone I truly want to be like, someone I wish to emulate as a whole. It is wonderfully encouraging to see in her that it really is possible to be the kind of wife, mother, co-worker, and friend that I have always hoped to be.


  1. What strikes you about this role model? What stands out...?


    Cathy in Missouri

    1. She is so kind, as well as calm and patient and poised, and she says little things in passing about her family that break my heart. The other day she was telling me a story about her (nearly grown) daughter and all I could say was, "You sound like a really nice mum." And she stopped what she was doing and said, "You know, there is nothing in the world I prefer over spending time with my children. There's nothing I wouldn't do for them. I love my family more than anything."

  2. Wow. THIS IS TRULY FANTASTIC. I'm so happy for you.

  3. So clear what you see in her - so much validation of the things that really matter.

    You deserve this kind of love, this kind of commitment, too. I try not to bear a grudge against the adults who failed you, but it is hard.

    For the record, I think you are already like this lady. Your description of her fits how I think about you, too.

    Cathy in Missouri