December 2, 2011

exist, cease, persist

This short article by Brian Greene was really interesting to me.

I think about death and dying a lot. That sounds morbid I guess, but I don't think I'm morbid. I have encountered something that changed me profoundly; I consider it often because I need to understand it as best I can, or risk running mad, shattered by my lack of... well. Shattered by my lack.

People rarely seem to want to talk about it, which makes me appreciate candid opinions and theories like this one all the more. It's only a way of thinking, of course; but what else do we have?


  1. Thank you for linking to that article, it was an interesting read. I like what Einstein said on the death of his friend. The idea of the persistence of moments of time or of somehow giving equal weight to present, past and future is an idea that tugs on the corner of my brain.

    I feel the lack too. In my case, a lack of pretty much nigh on everything!

  2. Thank you for the two links, I think about death way more than I ever did before too.